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BPS Company Intro


Bragg Peak Systems' mission is to bring an FDA 510k approved Carbon Ion System to market.  We also offer a fully featured Proton System that is upgradgradable to Carbon Ions in the future, as well as an inexpensive Basic Proton System.  Our common sense approach avoids fundamental mistakes that have occurred in this industry.


BPS Key Advantages


We offer key advantages with our systems and financial model, by offering an FDA approved carbon ion system for the price most centers are paying for a proton system. Modular construction, upgradability, proven technology from proven vendors, and a non-profit foundation based finance model.  Read more as we expound on why each facet is so important.


Important for Hospitals 

 Non-profit foundation financial aid

    We are taking applications from hospitals and university cancer centers interested in utilizing a non-profit foundation to establish a Bragg Peak Systems Carbon Ion or Proton System at their current facility.   To learn more about the advantages of our foundation based model and qualification requirements, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

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Technology and Future Planning

 Strategic information for the future

    When making a decision to procure a carbon ion or proton system, important strategic questions that must be answered are,  "Where will cancer therapy be in 20 years?"  "How do we stay competitive as advances develop?" "What if we build a proton center now, and lose the competitive edge because of proven advances in carbon ion therapy?" Learn more about the BPS solution to these strategic questions.

  • Carbon Ions vs. Protons



Info for Investors and Donors

Be a part of our team to fight cancer

    The American Cancer Society estimates there were 12.3 million new cases of cancer and 7.6 million cancer related deaths in 2007.  At BPS, we have a deep sense of social responsibility as a corporate world citizens.  As a donor or investor in BPS, you can play a significant role in making the best treatment for cancerous tumors available to  people around the world. 

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