The Modular Design Philosopy.

Built and Factory tested before shipping.

Bragg Peak's Modularized Systems will be factory built and tested before arriving at your construction site.   This minimizes technical difficulties encountered during construction and will side-step costly and time consuming delays.   See the video below, which illustrates how the system will be built, tested, disassembled, loaded into shipping containers, and delivered to the site of the end-user.


An industry first, upgradeable, expandable modularly designed system: Introducing Bragg Peak Snap, a new innovation that incorporates  BPS modular design standards from the ground up.  An industry first concept where  the end-user benefits by having more options today, with the assurance and confidence of being able to upgrade to the newest technologies that are coming to market.  We believe at this junction in time, it would be very risky to put big investment into a Proton system that has no possibility to be UPGRADED to the capability to administer Carbon Ions in the future.   This could be an extremely critical and strategic mistake for a Cancer Center in the next 10 years.  With Bragg Peak's Akuritron Pro system, you can start with a small 2 -3 room Proton center.  Expand it to 5 rooms in the future.  Then Upgrade it to Carbon Ion capability even later.  Bragg Peak can grow with your needs, and not leave you stuck with old technology.  With Bragg Peak, it's a Snap!